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Play at Bars and Restaurants Near You

TriviaMatic app installs on your phone and is played at restaurants and bars near you. Having trivia nights is easy with us. Download the app and register to play trivia games in Real Time. Find a participating location near you, grab some favorite drink and get the awesome trivia show started.

Trivia Events

Movie Trivia

Join our daily Trivia Happy Hour LIVE events to have fun trivia nights where the competition really heats up. Our TriviaMatic app has become an amazing digital tool to rebirth your business.

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Ultimate Sports Trivia

Get a 24/7 access to a handful of trivia games. Our trivia games will turn boring events into enjoyable and fun game shows. Subscribe to our monthly plan and have amazing trivia games available at your fingertips 24/7.

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Trivia Night

Your customers will have awesome trivia events with our primetime trivia nights. Join us, set up attractive trivia games and get your business off the ground.

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Special Trivia Event

If you’re already subscribed to the monthly subscription plan, you get access to a number of games. Host your own trivia events at a glance on our big web Admin profile. Customizable trivia games will turn your trivia events into a huge entertainment show.

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