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TriviaMatic brings people together to have fun! It a great destination activity for friendly competition at participating venues such as restaurants, cafes, and pubs. The TriviaMatic app is the perfect all in one solution for running Trivia events for both players and hosts directly from their iPhones. TriviaMatic is packed with sports, history, entertainment…plus art, science, current events, literature, and so much more.

Why You Need To Have TriviaMatic

TriviaMatic has become an innovative solution for bar businesses to increase sales, engage more visitors, ensure the first-comers to return, create quality atmosphere and fun events to make everyone happy. We value every $ that our clients spend on investment to get Triviamatic software into their venues, thus we help them to return their investment in no time with setting up 2-4 fun trivia live nights. We are fun makers, we are profit makers, we are TriviaMatic.

Trivia App Benefits

Corporate Values

We care about our customers. We want them to be satisfied, because we know they rely on us to be successful. We ensure the success from the very first live trivia night.

Trivia App For Business
Trivia App Benefits
Trivia App For Business Growth
Triviamatic Company

Our Culture

TriviaMatic is not just a company, it is a place for innovation, fun and business values. We are a collaborative team that inspires fresh ideas, innovative thinking and game changing solutions. We are successful, and it makes our clients successful too.

TriviaMatic Team

Triviamatic has a global team operating in US, Armenia, Brazil and China. The international working environment give us broader knowledge, experience and approaches to satisfy our clients all around the globe. We are proud to be part of a multinational product that is constantly upgraded with new features and trends to meet the demands of different markets.

Triviamatic Team
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