NO! It’s free for the players. Players only download the TriviaMatic app and sign in as a player. Enter the game code provided by the host and start playing.
Normally a 5-round trivia event lasts between an hour to 90 minutes depending on your pace and breaks during the game.
TriviaMatic gives you the opportunity to play trivia not only in bars and restaurants but also in the workplace, schools, corporate events or fundraising nights. What’s great about Triviamatic is that you can easily host trivia events from home. If you’re a “Game of Thrones” or “Marvel” movies fan, you can host a themed party and become a host yourself. Simply register as a host by choosing from the app menu and follow the instructions below. Step 1. Buy a host account (It’s FREE, all you have to do is download the app on your iPhone or Android device) Step 2. Open a player’s account (It’s FREE! Pick Private Events in the Menu and register) Step 3. Buy coins in the Trivia Store Step 4. Purchase games in the Trivia Game Store Step 5. Have FUN!
You are an individual trivia player, who signs up as an individual. If you want to play in teams, only one person from the group signs in and registers as a team.
We have seasonal tournaments and category trivia event games updated weekly. If you are a “pot of gold” subscriber you get access to all the available games on the Trivia Game Store.
Our team of professional and creative content writers works hard to have fun, educational, interesting questions for you. Learn more about them on the About Us page.
To join TriviaMatic network, you first need to download the app and register as a player. As soon as you become a player, you are granted a host feature to start setting up your trivia events.
After becoming a host buy coins in the Trivia Store, purchase games in the Trivia Game Store and HAVE FUN! Check out the coin purchase system here:
To get scores up on the leaderboard you need to answer the question, get the right answer with its interesting explanation and your score shows up on the leaderboard.
Traditional trivia questions and picture questions covering all themes including sports, geography, popular culture, music, film, TV and general knowledge.
Yes! Currently, it is more suitable for the US market. However, we are working on covering the rest of the English speaking world in not too distant future.
No. You can only share the trivia event you attend on different social media platforms.
Of course! The App is simple and flexible enough to suit whatever format you want to run. Just download the app, go Trivia Parties page, register as a host and get started.
You can host your event at any location you wish! Your home, community centers, a local pub or a restaurant of your choosing, etc.
Yes! Our trivia quizzes are ideal for integrating diverse groups, be they mixed ages, nationalities, managerial levels or departments. TriviaMatic is a fantastic way for diverse groups to discover just how much they have in common and serves as a positive shared experience they can all relate to long afterward.
Trivia events can be held day or night, rain or shine! However, most of our clients choose to hold their events in the evening, after business hours, in after-dinner format.
When you are hosting your own event in a large venue only device essential is a smartphone. Everything you need is to grab your smartphone, download the app, register and provide the most successful party trivia ever.
Each game is designed to last about one hour. Typically, our quizzes consist of five rounds of 8 questions each. The breaks in the play allow for adequate intermission time and opportunities for purchasing food and drinks!
It is very simple, you first need to download the app and signup. Then create your business account and purchase trivia quizzes from Game Store.
You will need either a smartphone, a computer or a tablet to run the game on your device and hold the event.
As soon as you signup and download the app, the demo will be available to you right inside the TriviaMatic application.
You can purchase trivia quizzes from Trivia Game Store. It is the online store of a wide variety of quizzes which you can find in TriviaMatic app.
This is a purchase you make inside an app or game after you've already downloaded it from the App Store or Google Play Store. The money will be charged from the credit card account linked to your App Store or Play Store. Look for coins in the Trivia Store.
Trivia quiz questions get updated every week. Our team of content writers updates quizzes on regular basis, making new games and tournaments available to you anytime.
At present, you cannot create your own questions via your Trivimatic account however we are working on the creation of admin software which will allow you to create your own quizzes. At the same time, we have more than enough content for you to choose from to save you the trouble of having to write your own.
This is an upcoming application that TriviMatic team is working on. We will soon be able to provide you with an admin software to setup your own trivia game and create a customized trivia night quiz.
The upcoming TriviMatic admin software will make it easy for you to create new games and tournaments. It will also allow to write questions from scratch.
You can have a projector or a TV to improve the game experience for players by displaying questions on a big screen. However it is not necessary, and you can always use your mobile phone to run the game.
Yes, TriviaMatic gives you the flexibility to run the game on your own, everyone can become a host with TriviaMatic app at hand.
Email marketing is our key to success. We use emails to spread out the word, send updates and connect with every single subscriber and player of the game.